DrGenial.com is a Marketplace dedicated to Medical Devices suppliers and buyers. The goal of DrGenial website is to save suppliers and buyers time and money.

The website is built to reach a global market where the translations and the expansion of the market are done for free after a supplier insertion of their products. The Medical devices manufacturers and distributors can find here a platform to easily promote their products to markets they would never reach easily. And its free!

The company only need to do login and insert their product at the marketplace. An online marketplace-main goal is to connect medical device suppliers with device purchasers.Drgenial does an incredible job of reaching larger markets for suppliers in the fastest way possible.

Amplify your market with no effort!

On the users’ side it does the best for building the best catalog of products in terms of diversity and easiness of presentation. The buyer can find a variety of products at a medical device marketplace oriented for their medical language and real needs. In the end they find a large variety of products and better deals.



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